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The space uses an open design with a modern feel. Stepping into the front hall, we can see that the top and fa?ade structures cut and intersect geometric figures and lines, seemingly random but full of a sense of order, bringing a touch of uncertainty to the space.

Choose "white" and "grey" as the main colors to realize the simple atmosphere and sense of science and technology in the public space. In addition to creating certain visual stimulation and reducing visual fatigue, it is also an effective way to indirectly convey corporate culture and form a bond between space and culture. The meeting room space constructed with polyhedrons and special-shaped geometry shapes the company's spirit of breaking the convention and being brave to innovate. The interaction between design, space and furniture is the key to office space design. The efficient office environment conveys the beauty of coordination among people, things and things.

The purpose of this project is to inspire inspiration and improve the working environment, and promote free and unconstrained office space. Managers and employees work together, the upper and subordinate classes are blurred, and work cooperation and communication are more convenient.


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